How to add orientation constraints for bones


I was working on a character rig for the purpose of re-targeting animations in UE4. The character has two sets of arms as shown in the attached picture and what i needed to achieve was to be able to “Link” the rotations of the upper arm to the lower arm (and all joints under the hierarchy) so when the mocap animation runs, both arms would do the same thing. I can easily achieve this in Maya using orient constraints but haven’t been able to export those to fbx.

Thanks for the help:)

I assume ure wanting to do a live mocap session that is streaming into unreal? If so may i ask which software ure using to bring the captured data into unreal? There are a few solutions to ure problem, but it’s depending on the software your using.

Hi skealeye,

You’re right! That’s exactly what we plan to do with the character and we’re using Brekel with the XBOX Kinect. May I also ask if I’ll be able to check whether the rig will work down the pipeline by retargeting the free mocap animations available on the marketplace?


if you could direct me to any of the possible solutions that’d be superb! Thank you.