How to add object on a character mesh using a 3rd person template

Hi, I’m new to UE4 but I know how to navigate and some basic fundamentals in UE4
I just want to know how to add an object to a character. Let’s say a flashlight? which you can toggle the visibility like in the first person template with the gun. using a 3rd person template. do I need to animate the character to make it look like it’s holding the flashlight when you toggle the visibility?

Hoping to get some help. :slight_smile:

thanks in advance.

You could add a socket to your characters skeleton and use “AttatchToComponent” afterwards. If you would use it in 3rd person then I would recommend to create some aim-offset for your animation (like you would do for a rifle but only with one hand in that case). So your character would light the area that’s viewed by your player camera (and not somewhere behind the monitor where it does not makes that much sense).

Thank you for the response. :slight_smile: It’s greatly appreciated.
just watched the tutorial in UE for adding sockets. Thanks again. :slight_smile: