How to add New Items In a total Conversion

Hey guys, I made a mod using total conversion to fix many issues I was having with my stack mod. So I want to add a new Item into the game, do I need to modify the primaldata_bp(original) Directly? Or Can I make a empty map in the same folder for the total conversion make a child of the primaldata_bp add the item, set the map to load using this blueprint and it will still work? Im trying the child blueprint but it doesnt seem to be working for me.

Try setting your primalglobals to use the primalgamedata child you made. I had lots of problems until I did this.

Thank you that worked. It seems it still inherits, which is good, I can see the doedicrus and hopefully the new monkeys.

You’re more than welcome, I’m glad it worked!

Interestingly I added new items by making a mod folder, copying blueprints to it and renaming them…

… Then simply referencing them from original PrimalGameData… Or via original spawner files in the case of dinos

I wonder which way is preferred.

I would suggest using your own copies. When they update the ADK it overwrites a lot of the core files