How to add new actions to the 'Wistle' menu?

I would like to add new/custom actions to the ‘wistle’-menu (to command dino’s).

I can add new buttons, but no new actions. How do I make my own custom actions for this menu?

Thank you very much in advance!

Someone has worked with the Whistle menu before? Do you need more screenshots?

Have you looked at WhistleRadialSelectorBP? That would be where I would start…

It is linked to by ShooterHudBP so I think updating your mod so it links to that will either make your mod a yellow mod (at the best, and need to go #1 in the mod load order) or a red mod at worst.

Yes, I want to modify the WhistleRadialSelectorBP, but I cant find how to add new modded action bindings as seen in the screenshot.

I’ve made a quick screenshot. Notice the + symbol I have highlighted in blue. You can add to the “Action Names” array more actions. But you must also add to the “Action Bindings” a corresponding action for that whistle to call. In the example I’ve added a new whistle for “Whistle Dino Stinky Fart” and the action is the “Emote Sorry” action:

You will need a copy of WhistleRadialSelectorBP and ShoorterHudBP in your /Mod/MyMod folder and to link to that from your GameMode_MyMod folder (where “MyMod” is the name of your mod).

Is that any help?

Good info, Sleepy! I’ve been curious about this one as well.

Thanks for the help! But do you knowbhow to create a completely new action binding, that one of the button executes my own piece of code? That is somethong I havent found out yet.

Having a look it seems that within the current Dev Kit it is not easy to do… The drop down list has a predefined set of options only and no apparent way for adding new options:

This is a bit hacky, and hopefully a more experienced modder can jump in here if this is a definite no-no, but I imagine there is a way to over-ride an existing action. So you could add a new whistle command and assign an existing action to it that is less commonly used, such as “Emote Sorry”. Then you might be able to do some magic in the Graph to detect when “Emote Sorry” is executed and to also run some other code/logic. It might be possible to terminate the animation for the “Emote Sorry” animation before it has even run so to the Player it is more seamless.

Given the lack of control the dev kit seems to give us over the whistle action bindings there might be another way to achieve what you are looking for. Could you provide more details about what you are trying to do and maybe we could give ideas for other ways to approach it?

Thank you. In my mod I use posses to control a dino, unfortunatly as a dino you cant whistle anymore. I want to use the same whistle menu, which is already showing up, to excecute my own code, so the tamed dino’s can follow/unfollow, etc. For this I need to have my own action bindings.

I was thinking that the action bindings might be in other bp’s, like PrimalGamedata or PlayerCharacter.

In my limited experience it seems like the Ark Dev Kit reveals a lot of blueprints/textures/animations but it leaves a significant amount of the C++ and Graph logic totally hidden from us modders :frowning:

That’s because that’s what makes the game work :p… if they didn’t hide that someone could recreate the game with relative ease… but I wish they gave us a few sample graphs for at least basic operations to show us how it is intended to be used with ark.

They could reveal more of it than they have, without allowing someone to run off and re-create the game though :stuck_out_tongue:

If someone had full access to the c++/graph code for the grappling hook that wouldn’t be enough to re-create Ark. But it would mean that those modding it could have a chance of fixing bugs that exist with the current code (like if you hit someone with a grappling hook when they are already attached to you with a grappling hook). I realize they need to draw the line somewhere, I just wish us modders had a bit more code to play with :slight_smile: