How to Add Multiple Arcade Style Levels (like Pacman)


I’m new to Unreal Engine and am making a little game that is kind of like a classic arcade game like Pacman. Where there are many levels that load after each level complete. However, I cannot get more than 1 level to load up. I have my starting level (Level_1) working and once the player beats the level, I use an Open Level node to get to Level_2. But I can’t replicate the same thing to go to Level_3. How do I make a system to keep going up levels.
I posted some photos below of my node set ups. Let me know if you need more info and thanks for you help.

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You only need a function if you’re evaluating something, and returning a result. So, a custom event is much better. Have a go like this:

You can call it right from the ‘get go’.