How to Add More Towers into Tower Defence Game

Hi guys, im really desperate for help and just am wondering… I am currently creating a tower defence game as per Surface Tension Studios Tutorial. However, the series wraps up without explaining the ability to add more content and variety to the tower. Currently I have one fully functional tower within the game. But what is a tower defence game if you can only pick one tower to choose from right? :smiley:

So in a desperate plea for help can anyone please help me improve the current blueprint i have to be able to include 2 more towers in this variety? Thank youuu

Here below are the blueprints within the Player Controller and GameMode which are responsible for spawning towers. If anyone are able to help me solve this, I would be really grateful and if anyone needs more information regarding the other blueprints involved, please comment and i will gladly provide them. Thanks :slight_smile: