how to add more colors to dinos

I know its possible cause there a few mods out there with all colored dinos. So would anyone please help me on where to start to add colors. I am inside the dino character bp, i see the random color sets, but is there a color set with all colors in game

there is, you could definitely link the “all dino colors” engram to every single dino if you wanted to.

To add more colours to the possible pool, go to the file Core blueprints/primal game data. If you scroll down it has the list with the colour and colour names. You can add more to that list or use it as a reference. You then have to go to the individual dinosaur species colour files, I think they’re under core blueprints too (if not just search for them), and add the names of whatever colours you want available.

This procedure is also useful for that kind of change but it is more time consuming. It’s good to make a copy in case you want the original in the future. For what you’re doing you’d need to copy the core blueprints/primal game data file, the dinosaurs’ blueprint, the dinosaurs’ random colour list, and spawn files.

I found it thank you for your help, guys.