How to add message before playing game

So I want to add text message to player with black background before he starts playing a game.
Here is the exact thing I want to know how to do:
Player runs .Exe
Player chose start new game
Black background with long text appears
Text disappear and begging video roles in (intro)
Video fade out
Player fading in to gameplay

So how to make this all happen? Do I need C++ with it? (I don’t use it for my project) Tutorial for this?
If anyone can explain it,I’ll be greatful!

There are a few ways you can handle this, but I have a feeling you’ll get a lot of use out of learning how to add UI elements to the screen with a widget. This tutorial here kind of walks through the process but not exactly how you would want it for your game. You’re just going to have to handle the triggering of the widget yourself, instead of letting the player walk into triggers as shown here…

Either way, hope this helps you out!