How to add Map and Set properties?


I got very excited about the new properties mentioned in the 4.14 release notes. They sound extremely useful.

However I can’t find a way to set them up anywhere, not in the variable selector, not in the struct, not in the asset creator. Are they available to be created in blueprint at all or is the patch note about being able to edit these properties when they are created exclusively from code?

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Hi Marcin,

I believe that one of our users on the forums was able to answer this. Please visit this thread and look for the post from Willard720. The user posts

"No, this is actually not true, you can create them in blueprints! You have to go to Editor Preferences>Blueprint Editor>Experimental. Its the second option that says “Enable support for TMaps and TSets.”

After you enable it, you can head back to the blueprints and create a new var. Instead of the array button next to it, its a variable icon, (the thin ovals), and clicking on it lets you choose between an array, map, or set. If you choose map, you get to choose which class is the key, and which is the value. Granted, it is in experimental for a reason. Mine crashed the first time I tried to create a map, so be cautious I guess. But it is super nice seeing that it is in there, and they do plan on fixing all of the bugs. The UI for it is very intuitive, so I can’t wait for it to be finished. I’m not sure what other bugs it as right now, but hopefully nothing data loosing."

If that doesn’t do the trick, please let me know and I’ll escalate this to one our our engineers who worked on the feature.



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