How to add in game notes to gameplay?

How would I make it so that there are notes in gameplay that the player can pick up? Kind of like Daylight where you go to a note-press a button- and then a texture appears in front of the players vision? I need to be able to do it in Blueprints. Thanks!

It is a bit complex but you have to create a new actor. And add a variable to it. (text) which holds the note. Then you have to create an umg widget. And you have to display this widget to the user when the (s)he picks up the note.
Also pass the text to the widget.

Could you explain a bit more? I’m still pretty new to UE4

By actor, do you mean the texture that is my note?

What is not clear?
I think you should try to follow this inventory tutorial:
After this i am sure you will be able to do it yourself:

Also basic Blueprint knowledge is required as always.

No, The actor should be used for item that you will be able to pickup. Also it should store the text for your note. The UMG widget is used to render the text for the note, on the screen.