How to add impulse to character Bones?

I’m trying to add a physical reaction to getting hit by a shot. At the time of the shot, the blueprint of the weapon fires a projectile with a sphere (collision), which at the moment it hits the mesh, should cause a push.

At the moment, guided by videos from YouTube, I managed to get at least some reaction to the hits, but it is very far from ideal.

I used the following videos:

Are there any other ways to create a jolt when an object (World Dynamic) hits a skeletal mesh?

In the end, I would like to have a physical animation of hitting the enemy. I would be infinitely grateful for tips or examples by which other techniques can be applied.

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Honestly this kind of setup is beyond my measly abilities. Although cool and interesting, it is professional level stuff that will require incredible amounts of time and effort to get working. You’d need 100% identical skin weights to make this a workable, reusable system for multiple models of different characteristics and topology.

But you know what? Go for it. Sounds awesome.

My solution would be far more primitive: Animation blending. Using a different slot for “flinch” animations you could get some very good results here. How long does it take to make a flinch animation? Less than 5 mins if you have a fully rigged character. If you’re ok with say legs, arms, upper/lower torso and head as designated areas with seperate flinch you’re looking at an hours work. If that. Blending those and using a hit register with find closest bone and constraining it to bones with phys assets and a simple if off of that to play the appropriate flinch = good to go.

Heck, major devs don’t even do the stuff you’re looking for here :smiling_face: But if the first option is what you really want then heck yeah go for it!