How to add impulse to any Physics object hit by projectile

I’m new to unreal and playing around with the top down template. I have my character firing a projectile towards the mouse cursor, and then hitting my test boxes with a radial impulse. But I’m looking to add a radial impulse to any object it hits instead of just the box blueprint I’m casting to, or even more ideally, only a specific group of objects (Hit enemies not allies). Here’s what I’ve got.


I would be inclined to replace the on overlap node with a event hit node. Then the target for the add impulse node would be the hit actor.

If your game is not very big on physics (and thus does not need complicated/realistic phys material setups). You can add certain type of physical material to all enemy actors. Then when you break hit results you can check type of phys material. This way you can determine if it was friendly or foe. You could also put all those materials in array and see if hit material is in enemy array etc. Or in structure with material and some variables describing reaction. But more complicated variants of that check are redundant to what you can do with simply casting to or checking class of other actor.