How to add image into widget blueprint and edit it

Right so i finally figured how to make a main menu. when i click on play or other, it dissapears and goes on to play the game. what i want to do now, is to add an image on the whole screen behind the menu to make it look more like the main menu. i tried watching tutorials but none helps. how do i put an image into the widget blueprint editor, and how do i make it so when i click on play it dissapears with the menu. this is my blueprint for menu

Hi GitGudGitRekt.

This is simple to do, on your widget blueprint, go to the Designer and add an image.

Set the image anchor to be fullscreen (when you click on the Anchors dropdown, is the bottom right one).

The other settings you simple match with the image below.

Also, make sure to set the ZOrder of the other widgets on this blueprint to be higher than the image.