How to add HTML5 to version 4.25?

I did not understand how to add HTML5 to version 4.25.
I would love to get help :slight_smile:

I mean export to webgl

I ask for Unreal and you give a link to Unity. Lol.
I moved to Unity to Unreal and now considering returning to Unity.I need HTML5

So, the question becomes even more pressing with UE4.26. I understand that linking Unity (see above) is meant as a joke… but it seems to be the only viable option, if you want to continue developing for platform independent, browser based content.

As a professional developer, we feel let down by Epic. I’ve already opened a thread in “General Discussion” (HERE](The Future of web-based Content built with UE (HTML5 / WebGL) - General Discussion - Unreal Engine Forums)), to find out if Epic intends to offer another option for web-based content in the future. It really is a disaster that Epic dropped a major cornerstone from one day to another. :frowning:

In the past (i.e. UE3 times), Unity was the go-to engine for multi-platform development… The sudden removal of an entire platform from UE4 seems to be Unity’s chance for a huge comeback. Not only because it has HTML5 support, but also because multi-platform is in Unity’s DNA. Dropping an entire platfrom and leaving devs out in the cold, seems to be an unthinkable thing for Unity.

I’m not considering going back to Unity, I’ve already been back to Unity because of it. I’m coming back here hoping to get some good news.

Just in case, have you read this: HTML5 Game Development | Unreal Engine Documentation ?

Not sure what you’re referring to, but you saw the message on that page:

…which is euphemistic slang for “F**k it!”. :rolleyes:

I can port it to 4.25 or 4.26, message me for my rates if interested. Keep in mind, some of the newer features from those versions just won’t run on webgl (although the could run on the upcoming webgpu minus the raytracing, I can provide this port as well but it would be significantly more time consuming as I’d have to add a vulkan → webgpu translation layer or add a webgpu RHI).

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This is coming soon, i belive…

I wish but that’s just for rendering scenes as gltf models, you can’t run a game with that plugin.