How to add gemoetry, stairs and so on ue5?

Its not where its supposed to be like in ue4. I found it once but now I cant find it anymore…

BSPs are deprecated in UE5. Use static meshes instead.

Explained quite well there too if your looking more info

Thanks for that answer - didn’t know about that plugin I had to enable for “Modeling Tools Editor Mode”.

I should really finish watching this course. :slight_smile:

ALT+P (Place Actors Panel)

You will find the stairs and some other volumes under “geometry”.

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Having trouble here. When I made a copy of a stair I made using modeling component, and then did transform> mirror on Y, the mirroed stairs were not climbable, though stairs I made in ue4 without modeling plugin installed, were fine.

Is this a bug in ue5 modeling app when using copy, then mirror on y ?