How to add Fade over door

Hello, I am having a bit of trouble creating a fade in and fade out sequence for my levels.

What I am trying to do is to make it so a “fade in” is played when game is initially played
Then when I press E to open the door in the level I want to implement a sequence where the level fades out > next level loads in > then new level fades in.

I have already created a fade out and fade in sequence in the Level Sequence creator but I cannot implement them.

For more details, I want to implement the fade out to be triggered by the player interacting with the door in the level between these two nodes:

If you are talking about doing this during gameplay, this seems like something that might be easier to do with widgets.

I recommend making a widget with a completely black border that fills the screen. Then you can make a widget animation to make its render opacity go to zero over time. And, make two events that you can call in the widget: one that plays the animation forward and the other that plays the animation backwards.

Then, all you would have to do is add to viewport and have the widget play the forwards one on begin play / play backwards one when you go to a new level (with a short delay of the fade time after it).

Sorry, can you break that down? First time I’ve heard of using widgets.

Sure. This video actually does something very similar to what you are trying to do (except you can pretend the death volume is your door that goes to next level).

The only odd thing about that video is the cast node off of the create widget. That shouldn’t be necessary because you can just pull the pin off of the create widget node. Also, if you plan to do other things with the screen that involve widgets, you may want to consider removing the widget from parent after the fade in and re-adding to the viewport right before you play the fade out at the door.

I just think widgets might be easier because, though I don’t do a lot of sequencer, I’m under the impression that you either need a camera and that sequence in every single level or you need to make it a mini-movie of some sort (in which case you can’t easily adjust how long the fade is). With widget, you can fade however long you want in however many situations you want and fade time is easily adjustable with just a single widget in your character.

Thanks again!