How to add extra animations to an Animation state machine paper 2d

hi, im trying to stablish full state machine for idle, run, jump, attack, hit (damage recive) when i set idle, run, jump there is no problem, but when i try to extra anims, doesnt seems to work… like attack, can you check my blueprints to se whats the big issue? when i jump the animation plays, same to idle and walk, the attack animation… isnt working… i dont figure out why. must be missing something!

i already saw the complete animation setup the 7 and the 8 tutorial at epic but in the example doesnt not show how to extend that system. any one knows?

here is the animation state machine function. in two images.

here is the main character BP handle animation

thanks a lot for reading and feedback!

ok! its fixed!

How did you go about fixing your problem?


I’m sure he used a Switch on Enumerator node.
I describe how to use a Switch on Enum here: