How to add effect to UI element

I’ve been working on a game and i cant seem to figure out how to do one thing.
So there are spells in my game and when i cast a spell i want cooldown effect to take place on the UI (timer,clockwise transition, etc) i already created the effect on aae but cant find how to implement it to unreal

whats aae?

Adobe after effects

A quick way to do this with [UMG is with Animation][1]

  1. Add a new Widget
  2. Set it’s size to Custom (originally it was “Fill Screen” see top right)
  3. Add a Progress Bar
  4. Add a Button, as a sibling to the progress bar (see middle left of screen)
  5. Change Progress Bar Fill Type to whatever you like, I like Bottom to Top.
  6. Add an Animation (bottom left of screen)
  7. Make it affect the Progress Bar by hitting the “+Add” button. (bottom of screen)
  8. Make it affect the Percent property.
  9. Add a keyframe at 0 seconds with a value of 0.0, and at 1.5 seconds with a value of 1.0 (bottom right of screen)
  10. Now just play the animation when someone activates the ability, I did it on the Button Press.

I already have an effect created with adobe after effects
here you can see formats i can save my effect animation with: Screenshot by Lightshot
do you know how can i implement this to my ui animation?

Oh I see, you already have something built in After Effects that you want to apply as an effect. If you render it out using mp4/h264 (available by sending your project to Adobe Media Encoder) or maybe as an AVI, not sure if that will work. Then use these directions to import it into your game.