How to add dynamic 4 buttons in blueprint of UMG UI Widget

In EventConstruct in Widget Blueprint? By the way the UMG UI is the most UNINTUITIVE and worst module in UE4. There is no detailed tutorial and no logic in building process: discharge all connected WELL-FED team with this branch and hire new and hungry people …

Event Construct is similar in functionality to Event Begin Play in other Blueprints, in that it runs before any other events in the Widget, when the UMG Widget Blueprint is Constructed. A UMG Blueprint is Constructed when you make it using the Create Widget node to create the Widget, before calling Add To Viewport to add it to the screen.

There are several ways to create dynamic widgets in UMG. I can try to give a more detailed answer if you expand on your description of what you’re wanting to do in your UI; but this should at least get you started:

Any variables on a UMG Widget that you make Editable and Expose on Spawn, will appear within the Create Widget node when creating that Widget, and then those variables will be initialized during that Widget’s Event Construct, so you can then use them to setup the Widget. This is a good way to be able to initialize a Widget with some set of values, such as the text you want to appear on a button.

Hi Jonathan. Finally I got it- widget can’t create dynamic its own parts-must use another widget & “Is variable” is the f…g key :slight_smile: