How to add dlc into game for specific backers

I was wondering how I am able to add certain things for certain backers on Kickstarter I’m fixing on starting.

I’d like to give outfits or special things. But I don’t know how lol

I’m no expert, but usually aren’t these things done either with a physical individual code that you share with specific user, or some kind of token that authenticates the user

Yeah, I believe that’s how it’s done I just haven’t done it before and don’t really know how to do it lol

I was wondering if any other indie developers know how to do it and can share it with me

It’s a good question. I would like to know the answer too. I guess if you’re already capable of coding the networked online gaming, you would probably be able to code this level of authentication quite easily. I mean really a player could just have one extra int variable for “Status” 0 being basic, 1 being Gold, 2 Platinum etc etc.

I’m basically just rambling with ideas from my head though haha I have no idea how to actually implement them :slight_smile:

Never done DLC before, but here’s the documentation: Patching and DLC | Unreal Engine Documentation.

When you cook your project, Unreal Engine 4 (UE4) can divide up your game’s assets into separate chunks that can be independently distributed, such as with DLC and patches. A chunk is a numbered collection of assets recognized by the engine’s asset management system, and when a project cooks, each chunk generates a .pak file which you can then distribute through a content delivery system.

So what it seems like is just:

  1. Put it in a chunk.
  2. Cook it into a .pak file.
  3. Distribute that file to your backers.

If you need to get a list of the assets, you can use the asset registry to scan for and get the assets. This is a twitter thread about that.

You’re awesome man thanks!!

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You think they could distribute it to others as well?

I wouldn’t want people that didn’t pay for certain things getting them because of a leaked file

Not off the top of my head. Though, maybe you could make it to where it streams the content to the backer during the game and only keeps it in memory so it never touches the hard drive.

But I think this is just a piracy problem in general (same as if they were to pirate your game). I think backers are gonna be less likely to give it out to people because they’re supporters. Plus, you would have their information, so you know who the culprits would be.

Maybe you can tie just the content to an account. Like anyone can get the files, but to actually use the content in them, you have to sign into some online account once to verify you’re a backer.

True… I’ll figure something out :grin:

Thanks for all the help!!

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