How to add custom scene component to actor at runtime?

I have created a custom USceneComponent. This component has a mesh attached to it. In my pawn I need to dynamically create instances of this scene component attached to the RootComponent. I have attempted to do this using:

UCustomSceneComponent*Object= NewObject <UCustomSceneComponent>(this,UCustomSceneComponent::StaticClass());

The issue is that while I can see the scene component in the editor, the child mesh does not appear. If I try to add the scene component in a blueprint using the addComponent node, I can see the mesh. How can I replicate the functionality of this node in c++?

Same problem, it’s like custom scene component added at runtime, in c++, do not initialize correctly.
Also, after adding the custom component, hit eject, select the parent actor β†’ details panel β†’ transform β†’ enter a different value in any of the fields, hit enter and the meshes from my custom component all pop up correctly.

Did you find a solution ?