How to add custom background music?

I’ve imported audio both in .ogg and .wav, but I am not allowed to use any of those audios with the Radio device, I can only put them in the Audio Player device. I want to have a custom music that I can set to play while I’m in the map.

Maybe you could set the audio to non spatial then use sequencer to keep triggering it. Im hoping for a better answer or something in Verse but we probably are going to have to find a workaround.

Hi @cookybitz :slight_smile:

I talked with one of our Audio Programmers and he provided this guide:

  1. Create a sound cue in the content folder
  2. Drag the sound wave to the Sound Cue (which will create a Wave Player node)
  3. Ensure the wave player node is set to looping
  4. Drag the sound cue into the Radio device

Hello, sorry for the late response, but thank you for the help. This is just what I needed!

My only issue right now is that for some reason, once I tab out of the game and tab back in, the audio cue restarts, is there a specific node that I should use to make it so the music is constantly playing in the background?

I would say the “restart audio upon activation” should do it, but having that true or false does nothing for me. Perhaps a bug?

Pretty sure that isn’t the case, from all the UEFN maps that I’ve played that use custom music, this is the first time this ever happens to me. I’m thinking it may be something that you need to set up properly.