How to add Constraint Component to a bone?

Constraint components can be used to connect e.g. two static meshes together with physics simulation.
But is it possible to connect static mesh to a skeletal mesh bone using this?
I’ve tried the SetConstrainedComponents node with specifying bone name, but nothing works.

No, unfortunately. I abandoned my little experiment because of that.

Did you ever figure this one out? I’m going through the same arduous process of experimentation you probably went through. Nothing seems to work yet. Blargh.

I was able to connect a box to a bone in a skeletal mesh just by setting the constraint bone 1 name to the name of the bone. This was in UE5.0.2

This doesn’t work for me for some reason. The constraint just doesn’t move to where the bone is.


I know it’s been a while, but I’m writing this response for those who may have encountered a similar problem today.

First, I create a “HandRSocket” socket

Then in the Mesh I create the sphere “re” and physics constraint “PC_RightHand”

Now the most important thing, in Parent Socket we write our socket “HandRSocket”, in component #1 we write the name of the sphere “re”, in component #2 we write the name of the Mesh “CharacterMesh0” and in Constraint Bone 2 we write the name of the desired bone, in my case “hand_r”

After these steps, a red and a blue cube should appear in the viewport

And at the end we get this result

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