How to Add Components from a Blutility?

In an actor blueprint we have the option to “Add Static Mesh Component”, however from a blutility script-- even with a reference to the selected actor obtained – this option does not appear in the dropdown (even with “context sensitive” unchecked).

For more context, here’s what we’re trying to do: our designer has assembled some actors in the level editor by attaching StaticMeshActors to another actor that has a SkeletalMeshComponent as the root (which is much, much easier to do in the level editor than trying to add static mesh components in the blueprint preview pane). I’m trying to write a blutility to iterate through the attached StaticMeshActors, extract their transform/socket/mesh and replace them with StaticMeshComponents owned by the parent actor, deleting the child StaticMeshActors, so the whole assembly can be saved to blueprint.

Note: the “Convert Selected Components to Blueprint Class” toolbar option is unsuitable since it doesn’t respect the parent/child/socket relationships, and just splats everything into a jumble.

I too would like to be able to add components via a blutility script. I’ve needed it in the past a couple of times but my current need is to be able to right-click on an actor and convert it to a certain actor while preserving components’ attributes and doing some other operations along with it (i.e. spawn new actor, create the same primitives the source actor has, copy over some component attributes, delete old actor).