How to add collision?

Hey !
i added a tree to my project but when i cross the tree i can go trought it
how can i fix that please ?
even when i change no collision to block all
that doesn’t work

You need to set for your character’s capsule component a “Pawn” collision preset.

And the capsule component from your character blueprint needs to be the root component, not the static mesh.

if you open your tree asset does it have simple collision? to check this double click the asset in the content browser and then click collision at the top then simple. if the object doesnt have simple collision then changing the collision settings to block all wont do anything. checking this is the first step i would take, then we can work on further options from there

Here so screenshots my tree doesn’t have a simple collision but only a advanced

theres your issue. simple collision is what used for collision events and to block other actors so you will need it. for the moment you could try setting your collision complexity to use complex as simple. you will however eventually want to make some simple collision, theres tools for making very basic collision volumes in the engine by going to the menu bar at the top, select collision, then select something from the list. it may be better though to create your own custom collision.

oh also when replying to someones post use the reply function so that the thread stays organized and readable for people.

Thanks for help i’ll do that !
Have a nice day and thanks for help again :stuck_out_tongue: