How to add buff to player.

Hi there, fairly new to modding but I’m having lots of fun. I’ve made a custom dino and it’s pretty much good to go, except I want a buff applied to a player when a player mounts the dino. I’ve looked everywhere but I cant find any reference to this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Use the rider events

OK, so it looks simple enough. Maybe I’m missing something tho. I checked through the Dino blueprint but couldn’t find the Set Rider event. Is this an event I need to create or am I looking in the wrong location?

Just right click in the graph and make sure context sensitive is checked and it should be there

So, I’m feeling alittle blind at the moment, but there is now Static Add Buff function. I have the Deactivate Buffs, but not the Static Add. I’m a lil stumped at the moment.

You need to uncheck context sensitive to find static add buff