How to add another animation to Mesh2P?

Hello i need help with this problem…

I was been wondering of how i can add another animation to Mesh2P? (SK_MannequinArms) because i wanted to add the fire shooting montage… I wonder if you can do that… If course i have added my first animation to it but i wanted to add another one… How do u do it???

Specific Screenshot :

thanks for the help

You mean, adding another animation clip to the Animation Blueprint?

yeah i think… how do u do it? i need help

that montage animation comes with the first person template, its called in your firstpersoncharacter blueprint in the fire event. Now if youre trying to add an animation to your character, you need to open the animation blueprint and create a new one (which is not particularly easy). If you have a seperate animation blueprint with animations you want, you need to change your animation blueprint to that specific animation blueprint in that picture of the editor you provided