How to add anims from UE4 Mannequin to UE4 Mobile Mannequin ?

I added UE4 Mobile Mannequin to my project and also added UE4 Anims Starter Pack. Then I created a BP Actor with Skeletal Mesh of UE4 Mobile Mannequin and I tried adding animation asset, but I couldn’t find any (I can see them in the Content browser though).

All I really need is to have UE4 Mobile Mannequin to stand on my level and play looping anim.

I had no issues doing same thing for my skeletal meshes, but for whatever reason this one doesn’t work the same way.

Please help :o

Thanks beforehand

I am not currently at my development-pc, so I can’t test it out for you… But your problem sounds like you just need to retarget the animations from the Mannequin skeleton coming with the animation starter pack to the Mobile Mannequin skeleton.

Maybe this will help you:…/howdoesretargetingwork?