How to add animations to a different skeleton?

So i have the default 3rd person skeleton with the basic running and jumping animations, and when i go to make a crouching montage animation from the “Movement Animset Pro” Pack i got off the Market, none of the animations show up in the side list, only the ones for the default character. I’m guessing they have different skeletons? or is there a way to just use the new skeleton over the default one? any way to get these new animations to work really.

Thanks in advance.

Retargeting sounds like the answer to your question:


Animation Retargeting (Different Skeletons) is a feature that allows animations to be reused between characters that do not share the same Skeleton asset, unlike Animation Retargeting (Same Skeleton) which involves retargeting animations between characters that share the same Skeleton asset."

Hey Mckaos, you are correct about the default 3rd person skeleton being different from the skeleton in the “Movement Animset Pro” pack. Probably the quickest way to get started would be to open a blank Blueprint Project and add the Pack to it. Then you will need to locate (or make) a Game Blueprint where you set that character as the default pawn class. I’m not familiar with the Movement Animset Pro, but likely there is already a base AnimBlueprint to get you started that you can modify to your specific needs. If not, let me know and I’ll look into it. -Thanks.