How to add animation to cars/bikes in sequencer ?

Hi unreal community, is there any way to add animation to cars in sequencer without the help of maya or blender ? i imported cars from unreal marketplace now i want to create a cinematic racing sequence…iam using transform tool to animate but it looks awful is there any way to wheel rotation animation to vehicles just like i add animation to characters from maximo, sorry if its a stupid question iam still a noob breaking my head over this.?

There something that called weight which basically tell for eg the wing vertex by how much the left wing bone interact with it:

So the yellow part have more effect, green less and blue no effect by the wing left bone.

Now it all depend if your imported model car do have weight and bone on the wheel.
But ye it no easy way, you cant just grab another car animation bones and merge them.
You will need to use blender, even if you do use blender and imported that car, it might be very high poly and you will have some hard time working on it unless they provided a workable fbx model car.

The other way would be if the wheel is a separate mesh, you could just do a simple rotation.

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