How to add an objective in a custom level?

Hi, I’m new to UE4.

How can I add a “Robo Relay”, “Gathering” or “Extermination” objective in a new custom map ?
I think there are example of “Gathering” and “Extermination” in the first map (City Center) but none for the “Relay”.
Do we need to create them from “scratch”, I mean with the level blueprint, etc. or are there some preset ?

Thanks :slight_smile:

ps: Example of objectives:
“Robo relay”: The player activate a relay and need to protect it for 2 minutes.
“Gathering”: The player need to grab and throw them into a blue vortex/tornado in 2 minute.
“Extermination”: The player need to kill as much robots as possible with a minimum of 30 in 2 minutes.

Good question…

Looks like that sort of stuff is in the “level_pearl_mission_1” sublevel

I see the BP_ExterminationObjective and BP_MotherBlimpCollectionObjective (gathering)

BP_Objective_Transmitter (and its child) is the Robo-Relay BP. I cant find an example its implementation though.

I’d imagine groking the flow for extermination and gathering would provide you with know-how for relay setup though.