how to add advertising?

Hello, i saw every tutorial on youtube watch every forum but for some reaseon i still cant add advertisement to my game. My game is Android Mobile game. If there is someone who knows how to do it please can you send me link or something? (I have play store developer console). Im stuck in this step for weeks.

Same here, I’ve done all the steps you could ever imagine and the ads from admob still wont show up. A lot of other people have asked this question too and no-one seems to care / know how to do it so that it actually works. It’s quite sad, basically forces me to develop for PC rather than android. Since selling an android app for money isn’t really profitable, and I would rather that the players didn’t have to pay to play my game. (Nor do I want to spam the game with adds, just one subtle advertisement in between levels… that way I get money and people get to play for free, win win)

This one was the best link that I found for configure Ads in your app two month ago. You need to have everything set in your Google Play Console, APIs, and AdMob ( But after the legacy Google + API was shutdown on March 7, 2019, not working again. Had someone knows why?

I dont know, I’ve tried with that set up and also the official documentation and some youtube vids etc etc. None of them seem to work, would be nice if someone who actually got it working would tell whether you even need those manifest nodes and internet & use_credential extra permissions or whether the .billing permission is enough as is shown in the UE4 documentation. And I’ve searched google for solution for weeks with no luck, it’s starting to feel like I’ll have to start doing steam games instead, until someone is willing to let us in on the secrets of admob on android. :frowning: But the problem is I like making small & simple and free puzzle games etc, and as a lone developer making full games for PC takes forever :frowning:

I recommend Universal Mobile Ads plugin where AdMob support works very well: Universal Mobile Ads for iOS & Android - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums

I’m behind this answer also how to make AdMob work I have the developer account and I have the AdMob account I configured the adMob id I also went to test the game in alpha mode. And the ad does not appear version 4.15 I’m using. If someone has made this adMob work, I ask for help.

Try with admob test ads and see if it works. Also you can send logs to see if you have some errors. I had the same problems, first it didn’t find the advertisement provider and after that with test ads it worked. And now with my ads it doesn’t work but I wait until I publish it on play store. I’ve read that you need to have some request on your ads to be shown.

hello thanks for replying more I logged into my AdMob account and I did not find the option Try the admob test ads, Where is this option? And how can you send logs to see if you have some AdMob errors I have no idea how to do it? when you say wait to publish in the play shop !!! NOT TO TEST ADMob IN ALPHA MODE AND BETA SO WHEN DOES THE GAME LAUNCH IN THE PLAY SHOP?