How to add Adjacency information to static mesh?

I am experimenting with free megascan materials but I can’t apply them to my simple imported meshes as they require something called Adjacency information.
Error exactly say:
“LogStaticMesh: Warning: Adjacency information not built for static mesh with a material that requires it. Using default material instead.”

I know it has something to do with the tasselation but I can’t find any good info about this topic using google. Can someone please give me some hints?

Anyone? Still havent solved this.

I have a new scene that’s working great with usual materials, but when I try some of the Megascans ones or the one that I have downloaded and that has Blend in it - it just says this in error log while mesh has default material applied:

Warning: Adjacency information not built for static mesh with a material that requires it. Using default material instead.
Material: /Game/Forest_Example_Scene/Materials/M_ForestGround_01/M_ForestGround_01_Puddle_Inst.M_ForestGround_01_Puddle_Inst
StaticMesh: /Game/Measurand/Imported/MainScene/Geometries/Ter_MainArea.Ter_MainArea

So terrain is made in 3D Max and exported using Datasmith, it has proper uvw coordinates so I am not sure what is missing. I can’t find any good info about adjacency information at all.

[EDIT] Managed to solve this:

Go edit mesh in UE4, than under LOD0 click Build Adjancency Buffer and than rebuild the scene. It should be solved now.

But what if you have many meshes to deal with? Is the only solution doing this one by one?

I think it would be great if they add automatic adjancency buffer generation for all imported objects in arch viz and similar templates.

I have played a bit with the new 4.26 release few weeks ago and I think I didn’t had to build adjancency buffer on some of the imported objects… so it might be autogenerated in the new version or I just don’t remember well… need to check that tomorrow.

You can try using the bulk property edit. It may just work. It did for distance fields in .24.

I have this problem since yesterday morning. All year until yesterday it worked amazing, prepare models in 3d max then use datasmith and export to unreal - perfect combo.
But since yesterday it only works with this “adjacency bufer” thing.
The only thing that changed was that Quixel Bridge updated yesterday morning and it’s complete chaos since archviz scenes tend to be very heave(full with objects).
I tried with the bulk property edit but in my case it doesn’t list it as option.
I’m not a coder myself, but maybe someone knows a console command or how to edit the editor code ?

I solved my problem with removing Bridge and instaling the last months version of it. Now it works as expected.

Hi, thanks to the post. I found similar issue with bridge material which displacement ticked, I do your solution and it worked. thank you very much for post this issue and giving the solution.