How to add a widget to a vertical box

So I have no idea why whatever I do a child doesn’t get added

anybody knows?

Is the Inventory widget visible? Is the inventory slot visible? Is there anything in their construct script? How do you fire Load Inventory Items? Are you sure it is executed?

I did a quick test and this works, attaching WBP_test to WBP_main vertical box

Yes.Yes.No.N/A.Yes, I’ve even tried in the event construct.

I did the exact thing as you did but somehow it doesn’t work.

Why N/A? How do you execute it? How do you know it executes? Can you show it?

What you’re doing normally works out of the box, there’s something else you’re not telling us that is interfering with it. I could come up with a 100 irrelevant questions or you can tell us more regarding how you envisioned it to work.

Well I said N/A because I did the exact same thing in the event construct so I know that will work, anyways it’s being executed in my third person character everytime I press tab

And I’m trying to add a widget for every item added to my inventory, even though I stopped doing that because I can’t even get to add a widget to my vertical box which is just weird.

What you’ve shown in the screenshot looks fine, the problem is elsewhere. No one knows how you set everything else up, though. One note here, you’re clearing the panel every time you call, so you will end up with max 1 item. Is this intended or just a test?

Well it’s just a test, I’ve even removed that. And honestly I don’t think, I mean I’ve tried it with a new TP project but I’ll try it again. Here’s some more screenshots.

EDIT: I think I know how to do it, gonna wrap it with a size box and make a scroll box inside it. I’m gonna make another edit when it’s done.

EDIT: Yeah it works thank you everyone.