How to add a static mesh to a Blueprint

Hello I cant figure out how to make Blueprints in UE4.

I just want a Cube. Therefor I need to create a new Blueprint which I placed into a Folder inside my Content Folder.

So now I do this Tutorial here for Android: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements - Unreal Engine Forums

It worked all well till “Lets create our Cube”

The interface of UE4 changed obviously a bit. There it is just said:“create new Blueprint”…lol ok I right-click and choose “create Blueprin” then Im asked what Blueprint and I selected “Actor” or sth…the upmost selection…

Now there is this Blueprint and I can place it in the world BUT I cannot see it when I hit play…It just needs a mesh I think. At the Moment its jsut a sphere.

I just cannot find how to add a Mesh to it. I found this Cube Mesh in the Engine Content but where to place it now? There is no option like “Add staticmesh to this Blueprint” or so…I can open the Blueprint editor but there are only this 3 Views “Viewport” “Constructing Script” and “Eventgraph”

Pls help me what am I doing wrong?

Double click Your blueprint. Blueprint editor will open. In upper left corner there is “components” tab. Add new StaticMesh component. After that, select it from the list and set mesh for it from “details” panel on the right

In the content browser, you should see the name of the blueprint you created. Double click that to open the Blueprint editor. There click on Add Component and Select Cube. Close the blueprint editor and drag the blueprint from the content browser into the world. When you play, it should be there.

hello thanks i somehow did it by trying…I added a mesh and it worked very well still dont know how i did it lol.