How to add a skeletal mesh as a HUD object using Blueprint?


I am creating a game menu , ans would like to show my skeletal mesh in the HUD using blueprint. Whenever the user chooses its skillsets to be Archery , its sockets will change to bows and arrows. Similarly for swords , magic it will change its appearance. How do I do that?

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You could use a render to texture with a camera looking at the skeletal mesh.

There are no easy solutions for this in the HUD blueprint like DrawText or DrawMaterial. You would need to draw the skeletal mesh in that position somewhere else (such as 100000 units below the level where your character won’t be able to see it) and have a scene render 2D component pointed at it with a specific Render Texture (maybe named “pose_capture”. Then you can use DrawTexture and simply pick “pose_capture” for the texture.