How to add a own c++ function library?

Hey guys,

hope someone can help me out.
Modding with pure blueprint usage seems to be pretty nice and fast forward and I already managed to do a lot of stuff on my own.
Now I started to create a Blank c++ Mod via the given UI on startup but not even the automatically created c++ files can be correctly compiled and build with vs2017…
It says something like Odin.h must be the first include of all files, that makes no sense for me, but nonetheless I added the Odin.h include in both of the auto genereted files and it changed nothing.
The only reasen I created a blank c++ mod is, that I want to add some c++ functions for in blueprint usage, that I can use in my actual mod. Should be not that hard, because I already did it many times in own, from scratch, projects and it was very easy.
Maybe someone has an idea about how I can achieve this, I really would appreciate that!

BTW: Even creating a c++ class from my own in vs2017 or via the editor wizard was not possible, because it can not be inlcluded either in the project or the mod project structure…

Thanks for your help so far,


So not a very active community here unfortunately, or ? There should be more devs responsible for giving us some help. That would encourage people a lot more to do stuff with this awesome modkit! And I myself would be even more motivated to share stuff…