How to add a music to the main menu

I’m looking for a way to add music to my main menu, can you guys tell me how. I want the player to start the game and to be able to hear the music while he’s in the main menu and it stops when he starts playing.

Here’s my main menu setup in blueprint:

For something so simple this really isn’t talked about enough. Simply add a ‘Sequence’ node after your Beginplay event and split it into a ‘Play Sound 2d’ Node. - Hope this helps!

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Frequently the simplest items are the hardest to find. :slight_smile:

Easy way to edit music is: Ringtone Cutter

@Iolorin can you share a screen shot for people to see just I’m trying to do the same thing

@fatimaceesay1 some reason the image looks very blurry when I zoom in…

check this other image

alright thank you, I will share my blueprint in the morning so that I can follow up with this new blueprint :slight_smile:

This is what I have but no music was playing at my main menu? surely I done something wrong :frowning: