How to add a MovementController to a 'Pawn' BP Class?

There are a couple different ways to do this. To start with there should already be a movement component on the pawn so adjusting that is your easiest bet. This youtube video goes over that way:

Another option would be to code your own custom movement using blueprint. I personally like making my own logic but this really just depends on how comfortable you are with coding. Anyways I’d recommend checking that video out, it should help you out!

Please answer this question or upvote it if you can’t, thanks! How to make dynamic spline based movement? - Community & Industry Discussion - Epic Developer Community Forums

I want a simple cube as a player to move around. With a Box Collision.

The only way to get rid of the prefab Capsule Collision (‘Character’ Class) or Sphere Collision (‘Default Pawn’ Class) is to use a ‘Pawn’ class, it seems. BUT… With the Pawn class comes no; MovementController. The question ‘why’ is less important to me than ‘how’. How can I make my cube move around easily without a MovementController, or can I import a MovementController through some secret technique?

Does anybody have a good tip or tutorial that can help me on the way.
PS I’m a BP rookie in case you haven’t noticed. :wink:

Yes, I saw that (very helpful) tutorial, but it is about a “Default Pawn” class. Not a regular “Pawn” class. The Default Pawn Class comes with a preset Collision Component which is a Sphere Collision… I need a Box Collision.

As for your question about the spline based movement, my BP knowledge comes short. So I chose plan B: upvoting your question. Hope it helps.

Yes, I saw that (very helpful)
tutorial, but it is about a “Default
Pawn” class. Not a regular “Pawn”
class. The Default Pawn Class comes
with a preset Collision Component
which is a Sphere Collision… I need
a Box Collision.

Hey @ngerbens. I think we spoke in another thread about something similar. To clarify, technically there’s no such thing as THE Movement Component. It’s a Floating Pawn Movement but renamed ;P.

In the pic above I added another one so the actor has double flying now. Blueprints naming convention inconsistencies are rampant and confuse pretty much everyone.

Judging by your description what you need is a Pawn (not the default one) with added Floating Pawn Movement, and box collision. You my struggle up the stairs / slopes.

Coding your own very specific movement methods is not uncommon - as Kmart94 suggested; this is usually done by creating an actor component and encapsulating there any behaviour that you may need. A component like this can be then given and taken away from any actor in the world. The movement components that do come with the engine are choke full of super useful functionality, though and probably more than enough for everything that’s not AAA commercial.

Do tell if things do not add up.

Great! That is exactly what I am looking for. I have the cube moving/floating around now with that component.

Though I still have to figure out how to add (or fake) gravity on my pawn, that will hopefully solve the stairs/slopes struggle too… At least I have a new lead.

Many thanks for helping me out!

There’s this mesh that comes with the engine (name in the tab):

It has a bevelled box collider shape; without using a dedicated collision box:


…and with both physics simulation and gravity enabled you can already pull off some sick moves:

Image from Gyazo

But stairs will become your nemesis for longer:

Image from Gyazo

Depending on what you expect to happen to the cube while on the stairs, this can be solved somehow, surely. For example: you can have inactive sphere collision that gets activated only when desired - auto detected and turned on by the stairs or with a key. Or you can use a more aggressively bevelled collider that can make it up the stairs.

edit: Another solution is to nudge the hero with a physics impulse or even angular impulse and turn the whole activity into an undignified spinning climb.

This is amazing @Everynone. Really useful. Thank you. Brought me so much closer to what I need and I learned a lot.

PS I think I will avoid stairs for a while. Stairs… always acting pompous and unavoidable and all. I’ll show them. I don’t need them, I’m an independent game developer.