How to add a map (created in UE4 but from another computer) in my Project (description)?

Ok … first off sorry for my english :smiley:
I want to make a video game with my friend … we worked a bit at the project but then we had a problem…
my friend worked as “our Leveldesigner” and i made the Blueprints and programmed something like the character in our game.
But how can we put our projects together (he worked on another computer)?
How can i input his Map wich he designed in my project where i programmed the stuff??
i think this wont work with .fbx files :smiley:

i hope u guys understood this :0

The best way is to use a source control like github. That way you can both work on the project, commit changes to the repository and pull in changes the other made as you make your game.

ok we used dropbox until yet.
this is the same or not?! or let say we can do the same with github and with dropbox

and how my friend should save the map (the level for our game) that he created??
wich file format we should use??

i think we cant save a big map for a game i programmed/scripted in ue4 as an .fbx file…
we used .fbx files to get some meshes in the game but i cant import the map as an .fbx file or can I?

Dropbox is good for things like game design documents. Plans. Asset lists. Trello and slack are good communication tools to keep track of that stuff too. But with github it’s very different. The main project sits on the server, so let’s say you are modeling the character and your friend is building the level. He pushes the changes he made with his level built and you pull those changes into your local drive and have instant access to what he built. You then add your character and animations push them to github and he then pulls that into his local drive and starts working on the gameplay. So the plus side is github merges the changes for you and it’s just a matter of minutes to update. You must read over the how to because you can break the project if you don’t do it right. But the best way to collaborate is with source control like github , source tree, tortise svn, perforce. Each one is different but accomplishes the same thing.

Oh ■■■■ thank you…we will see
if this really works so perfect we would pay for this (i saw we must pay for github) but yes thank you i will try this out

ok first off i want to say thank you… but i saw GitHub is good for Source Code…
so does it work with Blueprints too?
and can I import the map that my friend created in my project on my pc too, because i saw GitHub is for code and a level isnt code :smiley:

You bet. Sorry my response took so long. I use chrome as a browser and for some reason many others and myself could not log on or post for a while. Thankfully it is now fixed. About github, basically while you may use blueprint or drag a model into your scene, unreal is creating code for the engine to compile at runtime. All programs actually work like this it’s just the type of user interface that is different from writing code line by line to do the same thing. So the basic process with github is to download the github program onto your computer. Then create a repository on github server and open it in your github launcher. It will create a local directory like user/documents/github/(project) inside that project directory import your content and data folders from the unreal project you made. Go back to the github launcher and under local tab up top near middle it will show all the files you just put in there. Make a comment like “first commit” and then press commit. After its done press sync on the right and your project will then be available to anyone else you share the repo with. Every time someone commits something you all should sync immediately. This will download all new changes between the server and local machines. One thing to note. You must always sync before and after a commit or the project will break. Also read on how to create a .gitignore file for the saved and intermediate folders because these are only created for your local machine and will always be different between computers. It will make problems. You need to have that .gitignore in there. Hope this wasn’t too late and have fun. Please mark this answer as resolved for tracking purposes. Feel free to message me if you need further help.

thank you … i will try this out soon… if i have a problem i will contact u :slight_smile: