How to add a jump and falling animation to the 2D side scroller template?

Question: How to add a jump and falling animation to the 2D side scroller template?

Details I am using my own animations, I have already implemented the idle and walk
but now I need to implement jump and falling loop. The jump goes up and down as one animation and the falling animation is looped. Thanks in advance. Oh and the jump animation cant be linked onto the Is Falling node because the animation of jumping is made so the character looks like hes going up.


  • in your charbp set a variable to “is jumping” to true and then when the jump completes set the variable to false.
  • in your animBP cast to your charbp and read the isjumping variable and set it to a variable in the animBP “isJumping_anim”
  • in state machine drag out your jumping animation and create a to from node to it form your idle and walk states
  • to enter the jump animation, make it so that “isJumping_anim” must be true
  • to exit, make it so that “isJumping_anim” must be false (and speed is 0 to idle or greater than 0 to walk)
  • then drag out your falling animation and do a to AND from node to falling animation from, idle/walk and just TO node from jump
  • to enter falling from any of those your rules should be “isJumping_anim is FALSE and isFalling is TRUE”
  • to exit isFalling is FALSE and speed is 0 or greater than 0

attached is mine. which is more complicated cuz theres tons of states but hopefully you get the idea. (isinAir is just the variable i created to represent “isFalling” )

oh and set a delay before turning off “isJumping” in your charbp so that the jumping animation plays for x amount of time (how long your jump animation actually is) . You can also use the rule “time remaining” in the state machine as well…before entering the falling animation. In cases where the character jumps off a ledge and after 2 seconds is no longer in the jump animation but instead is in the falling one now

check out this Learning Templates [Blueprint Power] - Programming & Scripting - Unreal Engine Forums , and look at the 2d sidescroller template

There’s no AnimBP with 2D

Thanks, this was exactly what I needed.

cool. didnt know. never worked with 2d.