How to add a force that affects ribbon but not their spawn location?

Hi all,

In my system I have two emitters:

  1. Source: spawning several sprite around a sphere with uniform distribution. Each sprite generates a location event.
  2. Ribbon: A ribbon is being rendered at each sprite using “receive event location”.

I cannot figure out what force type to use that will keep the sprite locations fixed, but cause the ribbons to flow outwards from the centre of the sphere location.

When I try adding a negative point force from the Source emitter, the sprites move away. When I add a force to the Ribbon emitter, I can only get ribbons flowing all in one direction… I want them to flow out from the centre of the sphere of the source emitter.

I must be missing something obvious… can anyone suggest some tips?

Turns out Point Attraction Force was what I needed, and worked after fiddling around with a few other parameters.

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