How to add a Destructible mesh to actor.?

I am making an endless running game in which i spawn boulders which are destructible and non destructible . I spawn both randomly but the problem is only NON Destructible mesh can be seen. the Destructible mesh can only be seen after the collision. You can even see the difference in preview which i have attached here.


I am not sure what you are quite asking for. You are saying that they cannot be seen yet you shared an image of you thumbnails of your content browser. If you want to fix the image, just switch to thumbnail edit mode. and then drag the image of you item

If you meant how they spawn and look in your scene, then please show screenshots of your screen and the issue.

i have attached three screenshots here

  1. when i press play button all BOTH breakable and non breakable boulders spawn.

(the cobble stone is non breakable and M_rock is break able

2)after the character moves forward the m_rock disapears

  1. But still when the character hits the breakable boulder the boulder explodes and the debris are seen. Until the character hits the boulder it cannot be seen.