How to add a craftable item to a structure withouth having to make an engram for it?

I want to make a craftable charcoal recipe, I know how to add it to the inventory, the issue Im having is the engram/blueprint doesnt show in the inventory so I cant craft it, unless I check mark auto crafting. I really dont want to do it this way since it will pretty much break the item as it will consume the items to quick. Is there a way to make the blueprint show in the inventory? like in the akushima mod where the furnace has its own blueprints and the player doesn’t need to learn the engram to be able to make them?

Yes, you have to make it an actual blueprint, is blueprint … check and make sure it’s not checked as don’t show in inventory as that’ll make it not show on the inventory of the item in question


Also the inventory has an option to force hide make sure it’s off on the “crafting station inventory”

Also there was another option I don’t remember which one but you had to make it where the blueprint couldn’t be removed from the crafting station … cause the first time I added it I was able to take the blueprint out of the station and carry it around :slight_smile:

Omg THank you I finally got it :smiley:

No problem that one drove me nuts :slight_smile:

Dave last minute Issue, for soem reason it shows there, but Im not able to craft it, I have craftign enable, dont know whats going on

Edit: Got it I mispalced the inventory so it wasnt crafting.

Good to hear now if I could just get mine to load ingame and not just in the editor I’d be all set :slight_smile:

Edit: FIXED :slight_smile: