How to add a component to an actor which detects collision events?

I have created a component, inherited from UActorComponent, which I can add to Actors in the Blueprint editor.

However I need my component to be able to do the following:

  1. Receive “Hit” collision events from the root component
  2. Alter the collision geometry based on some processing
  3. Alter the rendered geometry based on some processing

Having come from the world of Unity this is relatively simple to do. Add a member function OnCollisionEnter() and then get the collision & rendered geometry components (GetComponent(), GetComponent()) update everything and off I go.

In UDK I can’t see how, from my component, I can get access to the ROOT COMPONENT, in order to get the rendered geometry & the collision geometry (convex hull).

I also can’t seem to get access to the collision events that occur. I have tried overriding ReceiveHit but setting a break point, this never gets hit.

So I guess there are 2 ways I do this in a UDK friendly way:

  1. Inherit from UActor, create my own derived class with my extra functionality, and manipulate things that way


  1. Have some sort of pointer in my component which is hooked up, pointed to, the root component

The thing is I want things to be as simple as possible for content editors. I simply want them to drop the component onto their actor and things to then work without further input from them.

So I guess how do I get access the hit events, the root component, and it’s collision & rendered geometry from a component? Is this even possible the way I am going?