How to add a c++ class to reading dedicated server without loading map

Hello guys I’m working on online game, i wanted to make a offline system checking, for make that i need to call some function just in server, for example checking online player function, i wrote my algorithm to checking offline players, and finally i understood the server just read script from default map or another map. what i want to do, i want to remove default map for server because i do not need that, and instead of that put some c ++ class or blueprint. can you give me some solution ? thank you for regarding .

If I’m understanding what you’re saying, is that you want to not load the map - not use GPU - and simply use some sort of GeoData against which the server can check collisions, etc?

Basically, so you could run mulitiple servers on the same machine without needing a GPU, just focusing on CPU and RAM.

If I am understanding, take a look at Online Beacons:

Thank You Guys.