How to add a additive reload animation?

I am wondering how I can add my reloading animation on top of other animations or different poses ( on the same bones).
Example: while aiming the reload animation plays while the weapon is centered.
The reload is made in the idle pose and the problem I have is that the animation is no longer accurate while in the aiming pose. Is there a setup I could use to correct this?

Do you have mesh space rotation blend enabled in the layered blend per bone node of the state machine? I’ve found when I have that enabled and have done a firing montage animation it twists the body, having this setting disabled keeps the gun firing forwards.

Maybe you can attach a video/images of your issue?

Right now I’m only trying to do this on a simple setup without any blends. I only use additives.

This is the reload in the Idle pose ( without using the last additive).

And here is the reload while aiming ( in first person it looks fine but I plan to add this to third person as well).

Same thing happens when using IK on the poses.

It seems like an IK setup at the end of the chain was the solution. I had this misconception that using IK means locking the bones in place and that I can’t use it after the reload but after checking the animation content examples I realized what I was doing wrong. If anyone else want’s to do this I recommend checking the last example.