How to add 3rd party plugin?

I’m trying to add this plugin. It shows up in the eidtor but I can’t use it.

Any idea why? Did I miss something?

"In order to add a plugin you would need to add the downloaded plugin to Unreal’s Plugin folder. So, navigate to Program Files > Epic Games > 4.9 > Engine > Plugins, and add the plugins folder there. If there is no folder Create a new one and put the files in there. This will add the plugin to that version of the engine.

Now, launch a project in 4.9. Go to Edit > Plugins > " The plugin that you added" > and in that section make sure the Enabled check box is checked on."

That was the answer I found on another post I had, for anyone having trouble.

Per project solution. Create a “Plugins” folder in the project folder, create a sub-folder for every plugin to keep it clean, and unpack the plugin. The engine will automatically load the plugins that will find in there. To see the plugins content will need to enable them in the view options in content browser.

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Just curious, if the plugin is in both places (engine level and project) it will use the one in the project folder correct? I only ask because I have two different projects using the same plugin and I want to make changes to one and not have it affect the other.

Can’t say that I know. Maybe it loads engine’s plugin instead of project’s.

Hmm. I’ll do some testing and post my findings.

Yes, if you move the plugin into your project’s directory, any changes you make there will not affect the main plugin.