How to add 2d eyes to a 3d character?

This probably isn’t the place for it, but theres hardly any tutorials on this. I made my model in blender.
Does anyone know how to make this 2d eye thing work? Or should I redo this model.
(im super new to this btw thx ok smooch)

You mean like this?


I’m probably not the most qualified person to be offering advice but I’ve made some headway into this particular subject so hopefully I can provide some help.

Firstly, are you asking about how to make a 3D model with 2D eyes in Blender or are you asking how to set up 2D eyes in Unreal?

In the case of the former you should look up the Shrink Wrap modifier, which is how I was able to achieve the above results.

As for the latter? Fortunately, the Shrink Wrap modifier’s effects do transfer over to Unreal Engine 4 unlike most of Blender’s other modifiers, so you should be able to import your model with 2D eyes from Blender to Unreal without problem. However, if you plan on including eye movement then things get a lot more complicated.

Unfortunately, unlike the aforementioned Shrink Wrap modifier, Blender’s UV Warp modifier, which is what you would use inside Blender for rigging eye movement, doesn’t carry over to Unreal Engine.

However, I did find this setup for the eye texture material that will allow it to be move across your model in Unreal Engine 4.

Once you’ve finished the setup for the eye texture material, you’ll then need some way calling the coordinate changes within your model’s blueprint. Here’s the setup I currently have for my own main player character’s blueprint:

The various Set Scalar Parameter Value on Materials events are used to re-position my character’s eyes into different areas along my character’s face. Its not the most ideal setup, as everything in the above screenshot should be simplified into one custom event rather the three shown, but I lack the experience on how to do so. It works for me right now, so it might work for you as well depending on how you want the eyes to move.

Anyways, the custom event(s) for controlling eye movement then needs to be connected to a Animation Notify that can then be called upon with your model’s animation.

You create the necessary Animation Notifies within a animation file:

And then attach the Animation Notify to the eye movement custom event within your model’s animation blueprint:

I hope this helps, its not the most detailed explanation on what to do but at the very least you should be able to look up the various terms I’ve mentioned for more detailed explanations.