How to actually make the AI jump?

10 years in UDK and I still only see them jump when there’s blocking objects any idea on how to do it in purpose?

Maybe a console command to the ? variable when spawned like SetJumpZ(but i think that works only for offline mode).And im not sure if the Jump command is only for the player or if it works on ai too.

Whenever I shoot my RPG7 at my enemies they fly into frags (and blood) towards the afterlife :cool::cool::cool::cool::cool:

Just kiddind lol

Have you seen this small piece of code on the PlayerController Class:

/* CheckJumpOrDuck()
Called by ProcessMove()
handle jump and duck buttons which are pressed
function CheckJumpOrDuck()
    if ( bPressedJump && (Pawn != None) )
        Pawn.DoJump( bUpdating );

Maybe Pawn.DoJump would make your AI jump?

Try and see what happens. I do this all time, sometimes I simply “break” UDK to see what happens, what such code does. And I was able to solve many problems this way, trial and error. I make constantly backups of files, so I can easily come back if something goes wrong.

exec function PegaUnSaltito()
Velocity.z += 500;

Wow thanks cobalt that’s the way I think.

Hey Nidal I’ll be the first one to play your game probably UDK, war, GORE OMG all in one… can’t wait. : ) seriously: )

Thanks O and A

Yeah dude, I am committed until march now release either the demo, or the demo alongside the final version of the 1st episode of my game. What matters is that very soon you all be able to play my game.

Cheers! :cool::cool::cool: Here is a link on my results took me 5 min to program since, the state was fitting with the job.